Pentauliahan Pencapaian Terdahulu (PPT)

  1. What is PPT ?

Recognition of Prior Achievement (APA) or formerly known as the Accreditation of Prior Achievement is a method to give recognition to any individual who can demonstrate skills outlined in the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) based on prior experience and achievements.


  1. Who can apply?

Skilled and experienced worker without any certificate of qualification.


  1. What the benefits obtained?

For skill worker:

  • Opportunity to gain further recognition
  • Can improve working conditions
  • Able to contribute to career development
  • Award of Certificate within a short period of time (no need to attend classes / training / sit for tests)


For employer:

  • Enhance the productivity and competitive
  • Saving of time and costs for employee training and certification
  • Improve company image


  1. PPT Application Procedure

I.  Apply and Register
II. Portfolio Preparation
III. Assessment
IV. Verification
V. Certification Issuance


  1. How to apply PPT through PCCCI?

Currently the PPT application of PCCCI is opened to four industrial sectors: Wiring, Air-conditioner, Automotive Technician (Tyre), and Plumber. Application form can be downloaded from PCCCI Website. Please email or fax the completed form to PCCCI Secretariat. For more information, please contact PCCCI Secretariat.

Download Application Form

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