CNY 2015





Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( PCCCI ) was founded in 1907 as a society under the law. There are currently 1,594 members and more than ten thousand trade society affiliated members with three categories of membership as at 17th June 2016 :

1. Life or Ordinary Individual Members.
2. Life or Ordinary Corporate Members.
3. Life or Ordinary Trade Society Members.


  1. To promote liaison and cooperation among the Chinese business community in the State of Perak Darul Ridzuan for the protection, promotion and advancement of their interests in respect of commerce, industry, primary industries and other economic activities;
  2. To study and formulate views and recommendations of the members in respect of issues that effect the nation’s socio-economic performance or development, so as to promote better understanding between the Chinese business community and the local or Federal Government or other organizations and in furtherance of this object, to contribute towards the development of national economy and promotion of national unity;
  3. To liaise with other Chambers of Commerce or economic organizations. In particular, to organize or participate in meetings relating to economic matters, trade missions and exhibitions and other activities relevant to the promotion of economic cooperation to our nation’s benefits;
  4. To initiate or participate in the establishment of business enterprise and implement manpower training programmes or courses beneficial to the economic development of the nation;

To collect, collate and disseminate information relating to commerce, industry and other economic sectors.


The Principal administrative organization of the Association shall be the Central Committee consisting of fifty (50) members who shall be elected triennially at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and the President shall have the authority to appoint not more than ten (10) other members to the Central Committee.

Perak Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (PCCCI)