Rules and Regulations (Youth)


  • To encourage participation of youth in strengthening the organization and grooming successors for PCCCI to achieve specific aims.
  • To groom youth with entrepreneurial knowledge as business driving force, repositioning social economy for a better condition.



Terms of Reference:

1. To conduct public relations, legal knowledge, interaction meeting, business management knowledge, sharing of experience, life planning, employment counselling, seminars or courses on incentives & business loans provided by the government, visiting government departments and priority factory or company.

2. To hold forums for members talking about their expertise as a learning

3.  PCCCI Youth Committee shall assist in all activities organized by PCCCI.

4.  All activities organized by the PCCCI Youth Committee shall not violate the   Articles or Regulations of the Constitution of  PCCCI.



Age Limit:

Any Malaysian who has attained  the age of  18  but not exceeding 48 years.  (Exclusive of student)



Membership Qualifications:

1. Any application for membership shall be submitted to PCCCI Secretariat for the approval of Central Committee.

2. If a member violates the rules & regulations of the PCCCI Youth Committee, the Central Committee should have the absolute power to terminate his membership.

3. Either Chinese male or female youth individual member shall be accepted for membership.



Activity Fund:

1. PCCCI Youth Committee may accept donations from the general public, receipts shall be issued by PCCCI.

2. PCCCI Youth Committee shall have the power to use the fund to promote activities.

3. The Treasurer of PCCCI shall be in charge of the Fund.

4. Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall open a current account  under the name of  “ PCCCI Youth Committee.”

5. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of PCCCI Youth Committee are to sign all bills before submitting to the Secretary-General and Treasurer of PCCCI for approval.

Perak Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (PCCCI)