Board of Tertiary Education Fund Committee

霹 雳 中 华 总 商 会 大 专 贷 学 基 金 信 托 委 员 会
PCCCI Tertiary Education Fund Board of Trustees


In pursuance of Article 3 of By-laws of the PCCCI Tertiary Education Fund:

  1. Organization: It is an independent organization within the PCCCI pursuant to the Constitution of PCCCI. Its members comprised of:

(A) Board of Trustees

(B) Board of Independent Jury


3.1 The Board of Trustees

i) The fund shall be managed by the Board of Trustees comprising of the President, Deputy President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer of PCCCI.

ii) The Board of Trustees shall be appointed at the PCCCI’s Central Committee

iii) The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are as follows:

a. To raise and safeguard the Fund

b. To decide on the amount of the study loans and the number of recipients of such study loans

c. To draw up general rules and regulations relating to the study loans fro m the Fund

Perak Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (PCCCI)