OCAC Malaysia Economic & Trade Seminar Tour 2014

OCAC Malaysia Economic & Trade Seminar Tour 2014


台湾侨委会–2014年马来西亚巡回经贸专题讲座:微利的年代 – 如何保住企业的盈利

“Low-Profit Era — How to Maintain Business Profitability” OCAC Malaysia Economic & Trade Seminar Tour 2014


今年的讲座主题为“微利的年代 – 如何保住企业的盈利”,讲师来自台湾,毕业于台湾中兴大学财务金融系的杨声勇教授,杨教授也是美国Drexel 大学财务金融博士,专长于企业策略与财务、国际趋势与投资及风险评估与管理等领域,并多次应邀至各企业与工商协会等机构进行辅导、训练与授课,企业辅导经验丰富。

入场固本为每人RM 20,包含一个茶点。共售出94张入场固本,现场出席人数逾百人。讲座会当日,本会署理总会长拿督刘瑞裕局绅出席并献词,其中的出席嘉宾有:总秘书陈来顺、副总秘书吴玉仁、总财政罗智柔、霹中总中小型企业及人力资源发展组主任刘宏杰和中总中小型企业及人力资源发展组副主任王松浩,还有多位中央理事和青商团团员。此外,参与《企业咨询活动》的公司是瑞成贸易有限公司和万发贸易有限公司。于此,特别感谢由陈业祥先生带领的青商团工作小组极力协助。


This Malaysia Economic & Trade Seminar Tour 2014, which was held on 23-09-2014 (Tuesday) at 09:30AM at PCCCI 3rd Floor Pak Khuan Hall, was organized by Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC), co-organized by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia, hosted by ACCCIM and undertaken by PCCCI.

The topic for this year is “Low-Profit Era — How to Maintain Business Profitability”. The speaker called Prof. Yang Sheng-Yung who comes from Taiwan and he was graduated from the Department of Finance, National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan. And, Prof. Yang is also graduated from the Ph.D. Finance Programme, Drexel University in USA. Prof. Yang Sheng-Yung is specialized in the field of corporate strategy and finance, international trends and investment and risk assessment and management, and he has been invited to various companies, business associations and other bodies for counseling, training and teaching. He has rich experience in corporate counseling.

The entrance coupon was RM 20 per person including one tea break. Total 94 entrance coupons were sold and there were more than 100 people attending the seminar. Dato’ Liew Sew Yee attended the seminar and presented speech. Other invited guests were Mr. Thang Lai Sung, Mr. Ng Yok Gee, Mr. Desmond Loh Chee Yau, Mr. Low Heng Keat, ACCCIM SME & HR Development Committee President Mr. Ong Song Howe, Central Committee members and Youth Committee members. Besides that, there were two companies, Syarikat Perniagaan Sooi Seng Sdn Bhd and B & F Trading Sdn Bhd joined the “Corporate Advisory Activities”. Special thanks to Youth Working Committee which led by Mr. Tan Yeh Siang for organizing the event.


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