PCCCI Building before 1964

Ipoh is the capital of Perak State of Malaysia. It was founded in the Year 1880, situated in Kinta Valley where abounds in tin-ore, whereby Ipoh becomes the world-wide famous “City of the Tin”.

Because Ipoh is rich in tin-ore, so a lot of miners flocked here to mine for the valuable ores. The rapid development of Ipoh resulted in influxes of Chinese immigrants. They energetically developed the Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Mining in this region, thus, laying down a good economic basis.

In order to promote the relationship and cooperation of the Chinese business community within the state, so as to safeguard, uphold and fight for their economic rights, the late noted miners, Mr. Foo Chee Choon and Yau Tuck Seng took the initiative and led a group of businessmen to form the “Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce “ in the Year 1907.

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce of British Malaya was founded by Perak, Singapore, Penang, Melaka, Selangor, Seremban on 2 July 1921. The objective is to defend commercial properties, plantation, mining, housing land and workers. Before the 2nd World War, the Chamber convened The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce of British Malaya Annual General Meeting in Years 1922, 1924, 1928, 1932 and 1939 respectively.

The Chamber also hosted the Annual General Meeting of The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia in Years 1970, 1979, 1995 and 2003 respectively.

On the 8th of December,1941, Japan raided Pacific area and launched the war. Before long, Malaya fell into their hands, and Ipoh was also terribly bombed. As a result of it, our Association had lost most of its historical documents during the Japanese Occupation.

In 1945, Japan surrendered, two celebrated community leaders, the late Dato’ Sri Lau Pak Khuan and Mr. Cheong Chee, bravely stepped forward to lead our Association as President and Vice President, and resumed its operation and returned all functions to normal.

Being a capable President of high vision, Dato’ Sri Lau suggested at the Executive Committee Meeting that Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce should possess a grand and splendid premises to commensurate with its role as the highest authority in commercial circle. He further emphasized that this building, not only, be stately and magnificent, but also, be big enough to have many spaces for renting to generate income. As such, the proposed building was planned to be a 9-storey premises.

But due to the restriction of Ipoh Municipal Building Ordinance, it could only be erected a 3-storey premises. Subsequently, our Association Building Reconstruction Committee was formed as follows:


Chairman Dato’ Sri Lau Pak Khuan SPMP JP
Vice-Chairman Dato’ Peh Seng Koon DPMP JP
Treasurer cum
Building Fund Director
Dato’ Chong Kok Lim DPMP
Auditor Mr. Cheng Ming Wei
Building Fund Deputy Director Mr. Chan Toon Fah
Reconstruction Working
Committee Members
Mr. Yap Yin Fah,
Mr. Yeoh Kim Tian,
Mr. Loh Mee Loo,
Mr. Too Joon Ting,
Mr. Woo Ka Lim

Committee Members included 22 Individual Members and 10 Association Members of our Association.

On the 7th of June, 1968, the old building was demolished, and the reconstruction project was carried out at top speed. Under the good influence of Dato Sri Lau and other community leaders, donations kept pouring in.

On the 6th of June, 1970, His Royal Highness Perak Sultan came to officiate the Inauguration Ceremony. President Dato Sri Lau was invited to perform the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony.

On this auspicious occasion, Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce was thronged with huge crowd of people, officials and dignitaries. It was really a grand celebration rally.

Our Association is named as “Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce” since its inception in 1907 until the year 1999. But, the Chinese business community has gradually diversified their business, not only engaged in agriculture and mining industries, but also, invested in other commerce and industries. Therefore, its name needs to be changed as the “Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and was officially approved by the Registrar of Society on 9th February,2000.

The ACCCIM 3rd Extraordinary General Meeting for the 63rd Term was held on 25-5-2010. It was resolved that the Chinese Name of ACCCIM be amended.

Therefore, the Chinese name of the PCCCI was amended from the current “霹雳中华工商总会” to “霹雳中华总商会”. The English and Bahasa Malaysia name of the PCCCI will remain unchanged. The said amendment was passed unanimously at the PCCCI 56th AGM on 20th June 2010.


 b4war-president-1st b4war-president-2nd b4war-president-3rd
Pre-war 1st President
the late
Mr. Foo Chee Choon
Pre-war 2nd President
the late
Mr. Leong Sim Nam JP

Pre-war 3rd President
the late
Mr. Cheong Chee


 afterwar-president-1st afterwar-president-2nd afterwar-president-3rd
the late
Dato’ Sri Lau Pak Khuan
1947 to 1970
the late
Dato’ Peh Seng Koon
1971 to 1972
the late
Dato’ Yeoh Kim Tian
1973 to 1976
afterwar-president-4th  afterwar-president-5th  afterwar-president-6th
the late
Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Chong Kok Lim
1977 to 1980
1985 to 1990
the late
Dato’ Tan Kim Seng
1981 to 1984
the late
Dato’ Yau Sew Thoo
1991 to 1996
 afterwar-president-7th  afterwar-president-8th
the late
Dato’ Goh Chor Jim
1997 to 2002
Dato’ Lim Kok Cheong
2003 to 2015
Perak Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (PCCCI)