霹雳中华总商会(霹中总)第 12 期 电子快报 Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) E-NEWS Issue 012

霹中总第 12 期电子快报(E-NEWS)已经出版,秘书处将通过电邮、网站、面子书及WhatsApp广泛予全体会员参阅。敬请支持霹中总电子快报。 同时,也希望大家能提供建议与意见,以进一步提升霹中总电子快报内容。谢谢。 We are pleased to enclose the PCCCI E-NEWS Issue 012 for all the members’ reference. PCCCI will distribute E-News to all the members via E-mail, Website, Facebook, and WhatsApp. We look forward to your continued support…
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Perak Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (PCCCI)